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Unterkünfte in Tunis nahe Carthage Tophet (Tunis, Tunesien)

Carthage Tophet (Tunis, Tunesien)

The name Tophet goes back to the Old Testament and can be translated as “place of burning”. It was a sacred place, the location of the temple of goddess Tanit , who had the same function as the Greek Hera or Roman Juno Caelestis, and the necropolis. The site dates back to the founding of Carthage in 814 BC. It was common practise then to sacrifice young children and it is believed that on the site in Carthago up to 7000 children might have been sacrificed over nearly 900 years. A huge number of stelae can be viewed on the site, many of them bearing inscriptions and symbols. The urns that had been made of pottery have mostly been removed to the museums in Carthago and Tunis but some remain on the site and can be viewed.

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