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Unterkünfte in Danzig nahe St Marys Church (Danzig, Polen)

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St Marys Church (Danzig, Polen)

The Bazylika Mariacka dates to the 14th century but was severely damaged in World War II, during the storming of Danzig City by the Red Army in March 1945. Fortunately, most of the artworks from the interior survived, as they were evacuated for safekeeping to the villages surrounding the city. The reconstruction started shortly after the war in 1946 and is an ongoing effort which continues to this day. This church is one of the major attractions of Gdansk and, as it is located in the heart of the historic Main Town, easily incorporated into any tour. St. Marys Church or, properly, Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Gdansk, is the largest brick church in the world and one of the largest Brick Gothic buildings in Europe. It is over 100 m long, and the nave is 66 m wide. Inside the church is room for 25,000 people. The interior decor of the church also features several masterpieces of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque art. - The Last Judgement by Flemish painter Hans Memling (copy in church, original in the National Museum of Gdansk) - Main Altar, by Michael of Augsburg (early 16th century) - Gravestone of Simon and Judith Bahr (early 17th century) - Pieta (15th century) - Holy Mother of God (15th century) - Astronomical clock from 15th century by Hans Düringer of Torun - Organ set It’s possible to climb the tower to a viewing platform on top of 78 m tower. There is a small charge and there is no lift (more than400 steps to climb), but the visitor is rewarded by views of Gdansk and surrounding areas. Open weekdays and Saturdays 6:30am till 7/8pm, but take note of service times: Sundays: 7.30am 8.30am 9.30am 10.30am 12.00am 6pm (Oct-Apr) or 7pm (May-Sep) Weekdays and Saturdays: 6.30am 7.30am 6pm (Oct-Apr) or 7pm (May-Sep)

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